Our People — Stronger Together

Our roughly 3,000 associates are Cable One’s greatest asset, united around our purpose of providing communities the connectivity that enriches their worlds. More than 75% of our associates live in the communities they serve, and our goal is to be the most trusted provider of communication and entertainment services to our customers and neighbors. While Cable One operates under several brands – Sparklight®, Fidelity, Hargray, ValuNet and Cable America, we are united in how we care for our customers. We are:


Because we value each and every customer, we work hard to keep their business and support our communities.


We deliver support in the ways that are most useful to our customers and address their needs with expertise, respect, and empathy.


We understand what our customers need, and actively work to make their relationship with us seamless, easy, and rewarding.


We know our customers well and tailor our communications and interactions to address their needs and expectations.

The success of our growing business is built by working together as one company, one culture, and one team. Our culture encourages associates to be engaged and committed while valuing and supporting each other. Operating in 24 states requires the ability to attract, seek, hire, and retain top talent. At Cable One, we foster a diverse and inclusive culture by offering competitive compensation, a comprehensive rewards program, and opportunities for all of our associates to grow personally and professionally in an environment that values and respects different cultures, experiences and viewpoints. We have a long track record of promoting associates from within the company, including Julie Laulis, our Chair of the Board, President, and CEO, who has been with Cable One for more than 20 years and began her career at the company as a Director of Marketing.

We attract associates who:

  • want a thriving and rewarding career,
  • have respect for the communities where they live and work,
  • appreciate a focus on wellness (physical, emotional, financial, and career),
  • balance work and life, and
  • enjoy an open and inclusive workplace.

Our total rewards compensation philosophy encompasses pay, health benefits, incentives, wellness, and career development options. Cable One has a pay-for-performance philosophy that permeates our organization. Merit increases are based on individual performance and market conditions. Meanwhile, all associates are eligible for an annual bonus based on objective corporate performance goals shared by everyone in the company, including the CEO. In addition, Cable One offers a 401(k) retirement plan with a generous company match; assistance with work-life experts; a health advocate program; anniversary milestone rewards; complimentary data, video, and voice services if you live within our service area; and discounts at retailers and other merchants.

Investing in the development and careers of our associates allows them to reach their potential in a competitive, constantly changing, and innovative industry. We engage our associates through internal and external programs that challenge them to strive for continuous improvement and develop specialized knowledge and leadership skills. Associates have 24/7 access to online development programs for professional skills and certification preparation through our e-Learning platform. Specialized technical training for eligible associates helps them stay at the top of their profession and provide exceptional service to our customers. In addition, our internal recognition program helps individuals acknowledge and reward their fellow associates throughout the organization for a “job well done.”

To prepare associates for current and future leadership roles at our Company, we invest in Leadership Development programs for all Associates - from frontline leaders to executive leadership - through both in-house and third-party learning and development programs. Our programs - Leadership Expectations of Developing Associates, Building Great Teams, and Competing to Win - are communicated to all leaders to ensure we are consistent in what it means to be a leader at Cable One.

We are strong advocates and supporters of training and education inside and outside the company. Our tuition reimbursement program has benefited associates at a value of nearly $5 million since 2001. Associates regularly earn certificates in areas such as network programming, data analysis, and network administration and security, and many move on to higher-level positions. Others leverage our educational benefits to earn their associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

It’s important to recruit talented associates from many geographic areas and avenues. We invest in social media and virtual interview technology. We leverage relationships with industry organizations, technical schools, and colleges and universities.

We also recognize the talents that veterans offer. The company proudly employs more than 200 veterans and continually seeks to increase veteran hiring by offering referral incentives to associates and partnering with veteran organizations. As an example, we work with the Three Rangers Foundation to establish relationships with additional veteran-friendly foundations and continue to produce higher candidate flow. According to Peter Witty, Cable One's Senior Vice President and General Counsel and an Army veteran, “military experience fits in well with the company’s culture, especially the commitment to bettering our associates and the communities we serve.”

We Recognize Veterans' Talents

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We are an equal opportunity employer that strives to provide an inclusive and respectful environment that represents a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. We are committed to fostering an environment in which all associates and customers are valued. We foster a diverse and inclusive culture by offering competitive compensation, a comprehensive rewards program and opportunities for all of our associates to grow personally and professionally.

Our accomplishments in building a world-class organization reflect our commitment to a diverse and talented workforce. Women represent 33% of our total associate base and 37% of management-level positions. 60% of our 10-member Board of Directors are female, including our Chair of the Board, President, and CEO.

Harassment and violence are not tolerated at any location, and we encourage any associate who has concerns to speak with our management team or report their concerns anonymously via our Ethics Hotline, which is available 24/7 and is operated by an independent company. Our Open Door Policy encourages associates to raise work-related issues or concerns in good faith to any member of management, including our CEO, without fear of retaliation.

expanding our commitment to supporting diversity internally and across our communities

Our Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board (the “I&D Advisory Board”) is made up of individuals from across the organization, ranging from frontline associates to members of management. The I&D Advisory Board was created to further strengthen a culture of respect and inclusion at Cable One. The Board cultivates resources that are accessible on our intranet; brings in outside speakers and hosts events to inform, educate and provide all associates with a voice to share their unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints. In 2023, more than 2,400 associates joined the wide variety of sessions offered.

Through our corporate giving program, the company supports national organizations dedicated to advancing education and diversity, including Special Olympics, the Emma Bowen Foundation and the National Diversity Council. Additionally, Cable One annually sponsors Adaptive Spirit’s annual networking event in support of the U.S. Paralympics Ski and Snowboard Team. Adaptive Spirit is a not-for-profit trade association that provides education, recognition, information and networking opportunities for telecommunication companies, content providers and others who supply products and services to the industry. Sponsorship of this annual event helps fund the development and training of the remarkable athletes who make up the U.S. Paralympics Ski and Snowboard Team. As a result of the industry’s generosity, millions have been raised over the years, touching thousands of lives and enabling the team the opportunity to remain one of the top adaptive ski teams in the world.

Health and safety

Our “prevention is safest” philosophy is embedded in our culture. We value the trust that our customers place in us and seek to preserve that trust with policies and processes to deliver compliance with federal, state, and local safety laws and regulations, as well as customer expectations. We have mandatory compliance and safety training for associates throughout the company, with more than 32,000 instructional hours completed in these areas in 2023.

Our Safety Team, responsible for education and training, regularly analyzes indicators and areas where risks and injuries can occur, helping us as we strive to eliminate hazards. Health and safety are responsibilities shared by all associates, from management to technicians. Every associate has an obligation to stay informed about safety initiatives and to report unsafe conditions or actions to their supervisor. Contractors working on behalf of Cable One also must ensure that their employees adhere to all federal, state, and local environmental laws and safety requirements.

We will continue to address compliance with health and safety processes by education and training, enforcing standards of operation, and fostering continuous improvement in all areas where we operate.


Cable One recognizes the importance of protecting customer data in order to do right by those we serve. The Company has created a layered security approach leveraging people, process, and technology - structuring our cybersecurity program to align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework and with applicable laws, regulatory requirements and acceptable industry best practices.

Cable One has a dedicated internal cybersecurity team that oversees information security, cyber and technology risk, and IT compliance. This team maintains our readiness and security posture by working with independent external cybersecurity advisors to identify, assess, mitigate and remediate material cyber risks and issues. Cable One conducts annual audits as required for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI) and otherwise where applicable. The cybersecurity team also conducts annual incident response plan rehearsals as well as third-party penetration testing and risk assessments based on NIST standards and the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

As part of our program, we require mandatory cybersecurity, privacy and information handling training for all new associates upon onboarding and annually thereafter for all associates. We also conduct regular training throughout the year for our associates, including contractors, on topics such as phishing, social engineering and general cybersecurity awareness. To validate the effectiveness of our training, simulated phishing campaigns are conducted quarterly for all associates.

At least quarterly, Cable One’s cybersecurity team reports to either the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Cable One Board of Directors or the full Board on the Company’s technology and cyber risk profile, programs and key initiatives, including the maturity of our cybersecurity framework and how we compare to certain industry benchmarks.

As part of Cable One’s cybersecurity program, the Company incorporates intelligence sharing about emerging threats through collaboration with other companies in our industry, consultants and public-private partnerships with government intelligence agencies, such as the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA) and The Internet and Television Association (NCTA).

In addition, all of Cable One’s business lines, including Sparklight® and each of the associated Cable One family of brands, maintain privacy policies governing data protection that are publicly available on the commercial website of each Company brand.

Investing in our communities

In addition to corporate-sponsored programs, Cable One partners with nonprofits across our footprint and in Phoenix. Our values guide how we do business — “do right by those we serve, drive progress, and lend a hand.” Our associates live these values every day by supporting their local communities. Associates also have the flexibility and empowerment to engage in causes they are passionate about by volunteering their time and talents with local community organizations.

To support these efforts, the company has an “Angel Day” program that provides each associate with one paid day off per year to volunteer at a local nonprofit organization. This program helps ensure that associates are dedicated to and have a personal stake in making a difference in the communities where they live and work. Many associates also serve as volunteers or board members for organizations that support our communities.

We are committed to advancing education, strengthening communities, and improving lives in the cities and towns we serve. Through our philanthropic initiatives and partnerships, we provide support for nonprofit organizations to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life, and make a positive difference where we live and work. In support of that effort, we award $250,000 in grants annually to non-profits across our footprint through the Cable One Charitable Giving Fund.

Many of our other philanthropic efforts complement our business strategies, including donations to elementary and high school educational programs, after-school programs, and vocational-technical schools that support digital literacy. One example of this commitment is the company’s annual “Dream Bigger” social media campaign, which funds local K-12 school or club science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) projects. Over the past five years, more than $115,000 has been awarded to STEM initiatives across the company’s footprint.

Beyond educational commitments, the company responds to events and issues, including natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. Cable One Cares also supports animal shelters, senior centers, health organizations, homeless centers, Habitat for Humanity, and hospitals to name a few beneficiaries.

Below are some highlights of how our associates gave back to communities in our markets in 2023

School and educational support

We are committed to advancing education and digital literacy by actively supporting local schools in our markets. Through donations of time and resources, we strive to empower students on their journey toward academic excellence and technological fluency.

Animal adoption programs

Our associates support various community animal shelters by providing food and supplies and helping pets find forever homes through adoption drives.

Food banks

Many community food banks and senior centers benefit from associate volunteers who help with tasks such as loading carts, cleaning and stocking warehouses, and preparing senior care packages.

Angel Day

Angel Day volunteers select their own nonprofit organization to donate their time and talents during a paid day off.

Supporting local business organizations

Given our local focus, it is important for members of our management team to engage with community business organizations. Our managers and associates participate in activities that are sponsored by these organizations. We have memberships in hundreds of local and county Chambers of Commerce throughout our service area, as well as Kiwanis Clubs, Rotaries, and business councils dedicated to industry, technology, and education, among others.

Local environment impact

Cable One also integrates its social and environmental commitments through its partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. Through this partnership, the company has planted 130,000 trees in our markets and in national forests on behalf of customers who have switched to paperless billing. As a corporate partner, we help the Arbor Day Foundation restore forests, combat climate change, and enrich lives by making a difference with tree planting.